10 Foods That Will Revitalize Kidneys Functionality Promptly

The kidneys are the much-maligned filtering system of the human body. Without their existence, the entirety of the human organism would crumble. All the excess waste and water are handled by the kidneys. In fact, they are the fundamental exporter of toxic and waste matter. In cooperation with the urinal tract, they form an efficient detoxification system. Your organs need fuel and there is no organ more crucial than the kidneys.

In order to treat them right, you need to have a constant roster of beneficial foods. By having such foods at your disposal, you will ensure the healthy functioning of the given organ. If you, however, choose not to, you may pay the toll in the far future. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the most beneficial kidney-aiding foods. The best thing about them is their wide availability and ease of preparation. Give them a chance and your body will be very thankful!


In order to achieve optimal urinal and kidney health, it’s important to take cabbage into consideration. Even today, it’s not just a healthy addition to your diet. Instead, it has proven to be a worthy natural remedy for many maladies. It doesn’t only treat the stomach and its surroundings, but the entire body. Of course, kidneys are one key component of that body.

Essentially, cabbage lets the kidneys get their repairs and nourishment. Ever since ancient times, a cabbage-filled diet was a must for anyone suffering from kidney problems. To combat any infections and dangerous conditions, cabbage has been inserted in increased doses. It’s the key component in the so-called dialysis diet. You may know it also as the “flushing out” diet. By that, we mean a diet that is tailor-made for detoxification and flushing out toxins. Foods that are in it should be low in potassium. Cabbage fits the bill perfectly.


Fruit is the ultimate health benefit arsenal. You don’t have to eat it in abundance and it still benefits your organism in unfathomable ways. The best fruit diet is a diet that consists of multiple different types. However, if we had to espouse one type of fruit as an essential one – it would have to be berries. One of the healthiest food on earth exists in numerous varieties, so it’s pretty much impossible not to like them.

One thing that berries can do is benefit your kidney health. They do it like no other food in existence. With a formidable modus operandi, they can be counted on as one of the best natural remedies for this cause. Their secret is high antioxidant content. Strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries – any type of this is able to improve the overall well-being of your organism. Fiber and folate are also crucial parts of their miraculous influence on the body. Manganese should also be mentioned as a quintessential and paramount component of the berries’ composition.


Amongst other cerebral and somatic benefits, fish contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Their benefit list is a mile long, but the most significant one is often disregarded. This is, of course, the anti-inflammation effect omega-3 has on the entire body. This is crucial for kidney health in every sense. Since they are connected to the urinary tract and urethra, infection and inflammation possibilities are pretty high. Therefore, a safeguard is due to keeping the free radicals and bacteria at bay.

This is why people in the Far East have almost no kidney problems whatsoever. Their whole diet is based on fish. Because of this, you won’t see them having any significant health problems whatsoever. Diabetes patients will also benefit from fish consumption. It lowers their abnormal protein levels in the urine. It also keeps insulin resistance at bay – key factors in improving the way the body filters out waste.

Egg Whites

Kidney diseases often require high amounts of protein to be treated and eradicated. This is why fish is such a great solution when it comes to treating your urinary tract. But, why is protein so great for urinary infections? Well, high-quality protein is easier to get metabolized within the body. Therefore, it produces less waste and puts less strain on the kidney system as a whole. And what’s one of the cheapest and best sources of high-quality protein? Eggs!

In particular, we mean egg whites. They are one of the best and most abundant sources of high-quality protein in the entire natural world. Another key factor in the egg whites’ benefit to kidney health is an insanely low phosphorous content. Phosphorous, along with calcium, is the key bone builder and heart-protective mineral in the entire body. If the kidneys aren’t functioning properly, you might be facing hyperphosphatemia. In this abundance of phosphorous, the kidneys won’t be able to process it and it will cause problems. This is why egg whites are so crucial.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the crucial part of the so-called Mediterranean Diet. It’s a collective name for the dietary habits of all the nations on the Mediterranean Sea. This includes Greece, Italy, Spain, France and to a lesser extent Spain. All of these people have one thing in common – a long lifespan. That long lifespan is due to a healthy, natural food-filled diet.

What’s another thing these peoples have in common? An almost nonexistent rate of kidney diseases, that’s what. Olive oil has a great say in this situation. It is superabundant with healthy fatty acids. These acids have a proficient anti-inflammatory effect on the entire human body, mainly the kidneys. Such an effect is accomplished by lowering oxidative stress that occurs in the kidneys.


Garlic has been known as the enemy of bacteria and infections for a long, long time. No matter how well-known its existing properties are, this beneficial vegetable never ceases to amaze us. One incredible characteristic of garlic is especially interesting. We’re talking about its eradicative methods of removing heavy metals from the body. And which organs need assistance with such removal? The kidneys, of course!

Heavy metals can cause chronic problems within the organism, due to their toxic influence. What’s more, garlic really does remove toxic matter from the blood. It does it in many ways. Firstly, it’s important to mention its anti-clotting properties. This characteristic improves the bloodstream which means more oxygen to the kidneys. More oxygen equals more efficiency in every sense of the word. Stronger kidneys give you a better chance of conquering any problems.

Red Bell Peppers

Kidneys often don’t get the respect they deserve. We oft-times disregard the immense amount of benefits we receive from their functioning around the clock. One of the most prominent things that kidneys take care of is toxic waste removal. Toxicity is a property of many substances found in foods, most often processed ones. This type of matter cannot be deemed as a nutrient and the body reacts to their presence with extreme measures.

Toxic chemicals may also deteriorate your organism slowly if you don’t pay attention or give your kidneys the right assistance. One food that has been recently lauded as a miracle worker for kidneys is the red bell pepper. Several Canadian studies have confirmed that red bell pepper places in the top five foods for toxic waste removal. It’s also low in potassium, which is great for people with more sensitive or deteriorated kidneys.


When battling a kidney-related condition, it’s important to have assistance. This is because kidneys can only remove some toxins from the body, even in their healthiest state possible. That assistance can often come in the form of various healthy foods found all around us. Some choices, in this case, are not only obvious but beneficial beyond our comprehension. One such “assister” is at the helm of the cruciferous vegetable group. We’re talking about cauliflower, of course.

The thing that sets cauliflower apart is the presence of several plant-exclusive components in abundant quantities. A couple of those compounds are glucosinolates, indoles, and thiocyanates. When found in plants, these substances create a natural barrier against bacteria and pests. The human body is able to absorb them and achieve optimal absorption in the process. When ingested, glucosinolate reduces inflammation and relieves the kidneys of their strain.


Berries aren’t the only fruit that can provide kidneys with additional fortitude. Apples are also an excellent candidate. They can work in par with berries, mostly because they have some different and some similar characteristics. The similarities span in a multitude of directions. Like berries, they give the organism the gift of many instances of fiber and antioxidants. An actual number is not known, mostly because there are so many species available.

A study in Belgium was conducted with a number of sexually active women. One group was given three apples to eat every day, while the other group had no apples whatsoever. During the three-month period, women in the first group had no Urinary Canal Infections or UCIs. This goes to show that apples give your urethra greater resistance to external influence.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans have a lot of nutritional value that helps the health of the kidneys. Call it a coincidence in its name, it’s shaped like the body organ – the kidney. What makes them unique are their soluble and insoluble fiber properties and low fat. These assists in promoting cardiovascular well-being and keeps your blood pressure low.

The fiber in kidney beans assists to regulate blood sugar levels. They have low amounts of sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. They are a rich source of low-fat protein, magnesium, potassium and amino acids. It has to be noted that a lack of magnesium and potassium in the body can increase the risks of getting kidney stones.

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