MANA Helps Present Summer Theological Intensive on Social Justice

During the month of August a select number of ministerial students enrolled in a special summer theological intensive that studies the role of the church in the arena of Social Justice as through the lens of educator and social activist, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

The course is a part of a two segment curriculum that includes, in addition to Social Justice, a segment on the life of Dr. William Edward Burghardt Dubois, who was the first man of color to earn a Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph. D.) from Harvard University in the year 1895.

The Social Justice portion of the summer theological intensive includes 12 video lectures based upon the teachings of Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. The course explores:
What is the Gospel
What is Social Justice
What Factors Contribute to Social Justice
The Role of the Church in Social Justice

Students have attended sessions in both of the months of July and August with that included a question and answer session that reviewed the life of Dr. Dubois and reflected upon the topics that are listed above. The course is co-sponsonsored by the New Life School of Theology and the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity.

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