The History of MANA, Part 2 with Overseer Robert Burgess

On last month we began a new series entitled “The Story of MANA”, which is a series of television interviews with the individuals who helped to found the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity and are still with us today. Those ministers include Bishop Walter Willie, Dr. Patricia Rickenbacker and Overseer Robert Burgess. On last month we share with you the first of two interviews we conducted with Overseer Burgess, this month we are delighted to bring to you the second half of our interview with him. In this episode Overseer Burgess recalls the condition of the intersection of Great Neck Road and Albany Avenue in North Amityville and how the church community came together to rid the neighborhood the blight that was plaguing North Amityville at the time.

In coming months we are looking forward to bringing to you interviews with Bishop Walter Willie and Dr. Patricia Rickenbacker. These interviews are a prelude to a new series that MANA is producing called “The MANA Showcase” that will feature several local ministers in our community. You can already look forward to watching Pastor Lawton Bryant of Matthias Ministries, Pastor Elena Mayfield of Tabernacles of Praises, Elder Mary Thomas and Elder Linda Taylor of the Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist and Pastor Da’Shun Burrell of the First Baptist Church of Deer Park.

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