County Executive Candidate, David Calone, Reaches Out to MANA for Support

First and foremost, the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity is not a political organization and as such, does not officially endorse candidates for public office. However, MANA is made up of individual clerics who privately are entitled to their choice and preferences. It is on the basis of that reality that David Calone, current candidate on the Democratic ticket for County Supervisor made an appearance recently at one of the weekly zoom call meetings that is spear-headed by Bishop Walter Willie. The candidate outlined his platform and thanked those who were in attendance for the opportunity to come and speak about his campaign.

While it is not the intent of MANA to provide a political endorsement of the candidate we do recognize and appreciate that Mr. Calone thought enough of the MANA membership to seek out an occasion for him to speak, unlike his rival candidate.

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