Full Gospel Baptist Celebrates 30 Years

Bishop Andy C. Lewter, President of the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity, was one of the founding members of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship that had its start 30 years ago when over 70,000 Christians from around the country gathered in the New Orleans Superdome for the first conference of the fellowship.

For years, Baptist churches had a storied reputation for being balance of worship and scholarship. It was against the backdrop of this history that Bishop Paul Morton, who at the time was pastoring the largest Baptist church in te country, announce his attention to bring together churches from around the coountry who appreciated a worship style that had a focus on the activity of the Holy Spirit within the confines of the public worship experience.

This year from July 5th through the 7th, the fellowship met had at the Opry Hotel in Washington DC. The conference included presentations from Bishop Walker, Bishop Morton and Bishop T. D. Jakes. After thirty years the future of the fellowship is as bright as ever.

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