MANA Contributor, Overseer Regina Carr, Takes Women on a Journey in Luncheon Event

On April 22 2023, The Shepherds Club at Hollywood Baptist Church had a
fundraising Brunch which began at 10 0’clock. The Shepherds Club started the
preparations for the events weeks before, distributing the cooking of the menu
items to those who excel in their cooking skills. The Friday before, downstairs in
the Potter’s House was set up. The members went into prayer for overflow. We
were looking for maximum capacity and more. 

The morning of the event everyone was in position. The
guests were coming in and things were looking good. There
was a continuous flow of guests. They were coming in, not
one at a time but, 4 to 5 at a time. They were also coming
from several different churches. It was wonderful, since this
was the first time in years, that five to six different churches
were gathered together in celebration of something besides a
funeral. We had to bring out more tables and chairs to
accommodate all the guests and ask for patience in our
starting time so we could adjust to the massive overflow we had prayed for. 
   Everyone said the food was delicious! We cleared the tables to prepare for
note taking. It was time for our speaker, Overseer Regina Carr. Overseer Carr
wasn’t known to many in the Shepherds Club but was recommended from the
workshops I had attended and her books I read. Overseer Regina is Pastor of
Christian Uprise Thru Edification (C.U.T.E.), Discipleship Ministry and is also a
Christian Life Coach. Overseer said she wasn’t sure how to approach the audience
in the room at first glance. Overseer Carr spoke to everyone in the room, men and
women. She told us to “Get Up!” She spoke from John 5:2; referencing the man
who had an infirmity for 38 years. She shared that there 5 porches filled with a
great multitude of sick, lame, blind and paralyzed. The analogy was that the 5
porches of sick is representing the church today. Too many of us are laying around,
waiting for a change; instead of exercising our faith to get up! The same way Jesus
told the man to “Rise, take up thy bed and walk,” Overseer told us how we have to
get out of our doubt and fear, so we can do it.
She spoke with humor and seriousness at the same time. At the end of her
speaking there was a massive line to get to her to ask where will you be next and to
purchase her books.  For more information on Overseer / Life Coach Regina
Ravenell-Carr, please go to her website, The Brunch

was a total success. The food, the Holy Spirit, and the success of choosing an
anointed speaker like Overseer Regina Carr.

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