MANA Hosts Media and Music Workshop

There is no doubt that the landscape of ministry and worship is undergoing a massive change and shift. Partially as a result of Covid-19 congregations across the country are reconsidering the ways in which they do church in order to remain relevant and effective with an audience that has already altered their definition of what it means to worship and have church.

In light of these realities, the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity has decided to be pro-active in the matter by convening a workshop for musicians and media ministry workers in local churches. The workshop was held at the Christian Life Center on Bayview Avenue in Amityville where Pastor Terrance Daye served as pastor and host. The workshop began at 9 AM and lasted to about noon for a three hour power packed experience of information and insights from local and national presenters. Some of the presenters included Cherelle Crews who spoke extensively about changes that are taking place in the area of video editing and production. And then there was Al Garvin who discussed ways that local churches could enhance their audio production. Also presenting was the Minister of Music for the Christian Life Center who gave a LIVE demonstration of the various things that can be done using digital and electronic enhancements to existing instrumentation. Robert Brown offered those in attendance to expand their ministry to a global audience by joining a local IPTV station that is headquartered right here on Long Island.

The day was closed out by Pastor Terrance Daye who demonstrated how his sanctuary, that recently acquired a video wall, can produce a top notch worship experience and not have to one of the megachurches that most people would assume are the only congregations capable of such.

Christian Life Center provided breakfast and lunch thereby making the day another stellar event that has been produced by the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity. The next workshop, which still being organized, will be on the topic of “ChatGPT and the Church” and is scheduled for either late June or early Fall of this year. Stay tuned.

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