Save the Date: Media Ministry Workshop Promises to Take Churches to the Next Level

Lights, camera, action. These are words that just a few years ago were assumed not to be spoken within the confines of a local church. Sure, major ministries had elaborate equipment and were able to take their ministries to global audience through the medium of television and radio.

However, all of that is now changed as nearly every church has invested to some degree in their ability to reach beyond their four walls and make ministry available to people in distant and far away lands. Again, the Covid-19 Pandemic has cause literally all churches to re-consider their strategies for reaching people outside of their four walls.

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity will hold a “Media Ministry” conference with the hope that it will attract those persons who work in the area of media in their local churches to discuss the many ways congregations around the country are responding to the need to take their ministries beyond their four walls.

The conference will feature speakers who have developed a strong expertise in the area of media and are anxious to share their experiences with those in attendance. The conference will include discussions on music, media, marketing the ministry and several other aspects of what churches need to do to be more effective in this post-modern age. Please see the flyer posted throughout this publication for more information.

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