MANA Pastor Honored at Annual Forgiveness Luncheon

For the last five years MANA member, Overseer Diane Seaman, has been hosting an annual luncheon that focuses upon forgiveness. The event also honors various members of the religious community and is held during the Fall of each year.

This year, among the several others that were honored, was MANA Vice President, Bishop Walter Willie of the Prayer Tabernacle Church of God in Christ in Amityville, NY. Bishop Willie was selected because of his longstanding devotion to the community and the example that he has set as a local pastor with many years of service to the Long Island Christian community. In addition to being the founder of the church that he pastors, Bishop Willie has most recently been responsible for bringing together many clerics on a weekly basis using the zoom platform. Each week pastors from Long Island look forward to the time they have to engage one another in fellowship and be brought up to date on the various events and activities that are going on across Long Island. In addition, the weekly zoom meeting provides an opportunity for pastors and ministers to discuss pertinent contemporary topics that are of concern to the members of the congregations that these pastors serve.

In addition to Bishop Willie being honored, other members of the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity also participated, who included: Pastor Alexia Burgess-Huart, who served as the presider of the event and Bishop Andy C. Lewter, who served as the keynote address speaker.

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