The Art of Good Listening

Overseer Regina Ravenell-Carr –   Certified Christian Life Coach

Social media has opened the windows for us to communicate and express ourselves.  However, with everyone talking, and exercising their voice to be heard, the question remains, “Is anyone listening? Listening might be a lost art, in our society.  Technology has catapulted us into a space where most of us our communicating with a hand-held device, rather than talking to one another.  Unfortunately, we are not doing too much listening to others, because we can find the answer for ourselves. The consequence is, there is less of an audience for listening to our story.

One thing I know for sure is, every one has a story.  But, if we are not sharing our stories, we are forsaking the divine opportunities to learn from others experiences, inevitable challenges, and awakening moments in life.  Being a better listener can improve our relationships and help us to grow and evolve. When you try to genuinely listen, people will realize you care about them; however, because we communicate mostly electronically now, it can be difficult to meet face-to-face and really listen.

It is essential for a Life Coach to be a great listener! Good listening is an act of love. Poor listening rejects, good listening embraces. Poor listening diminishes the other person, while good listening invites them to them to exist and to matter. The best way to learn our client is to listen to their story.  How many times have you told yourself, “No sense in complaining because no one is listening!” You can let go of the idea that no one is listening because we are here, to hear your story, identify your pain, hurt, disappointment or find out what has caused you to shut down.  There is so much we learn by intentionally listening to your story, that you probably would not share, if you did not have someone listening.

I have learned the art of soulful listening. When you listen from your soul rather than from your intellect, you hear what is imperative for your soul growth and evolvement. Therefore, I am listening to learn more, understand more and connect more. The information I receive helps me to ask the right questions to tie the shoe-strings of thought together. Good listening requires patience; it avoids my listening with half an ear. I have learned to hear the whole train of thought before crossing the tracks.  It also helps me to be present in the conversation; to be interested rather than interesting. Good listening allows me to be empathic and not judgmental. By listening in a deeper sense, it gives my response more substance and relativity. Developing a deeper relationship produces a positive outcome in a coaching relationship. Knowing that someone is listening without judging, is spiritually healing. It can give you the benefit of releasing the toxic energy that is tied to your story. Good listening readies us to minister words of grace.

Life Coaching requires one to listen with the ears of God, that we may speak His Word into your story! Good listening goes hand in hand with the mind of Christ, Phil. 2:5. It flows from a humble heart that counts others more significant than ourselves. Finally, good listening is ministry.  It defuses our emotions, affirms love, and shows compassion. A good Life Coach is ready, willing, and able to listen soulfully to your story and show themselves interested for the benefit of helping you and not criticizing you. We are here to give you hope, encourage you through the dark times, and empower you through the difficult times. We want to help you move from your pit to your purpose!

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