The Stone is Rolled Away

Hey guys! It is that time of year that we celebrate, Lent, the Passover, and the Resurrection of Christ. Side note, it’s also my birthday!!! While I have observed many participating in the rituals of this season, I am left wondering if there is any heartfelt repentance, renewal, or restoration to life in Christ. I believe the body is still operating in the grave,rather than embracing and experience the new and abundant life in Christ.

I recognize this could be considered argumentative, but I am willing to face the opposition for the sake of elevation and growth. Christ endured great rejection and suffering in order for us to live again. Therefore, I believe there is so much more for us to experience versus what we have settled with! To quote author
Brendon Burchard, “We are lions and lionesses living as mice! Rather than exploring free on the savanna, we are living small and distracted lives. It is the calling of each of us who draws breathe to have a grand vision for our lives and to each claim the vastness of that vision!”

In the movie “Woman King,” the captain of the female army, Nanisca, played by EGOT recipient,
Viola Davis says, “Vision is being able to see what others don’t!” Boom! I am challenging all of us to
take a good look at ourselves.

Are we living an abundant or a stagnant life? Abundant life is life-giving; while a stagnant life is stifling. Proverbs 2 9:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.” KJV – Is there a mote in your eye that is blocking your view, your perspective? What is stopping you from living the abundant life that Christ died for you to live? If you are not living in the abundant (overcoming and experiencing victory in the aspirations and challenges) life in Christ, you are living life in grave clothes! People wearing grave clothes are indicative of those whom have given up on life, shut down emotionally, and resisting any semblance of love, joy, and peace. I promise you; this is not what God intended for us. He paid a great price for us to become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Also, the bible says, “where the Spirit of the Lord
is, there is liberty,” 2 Cor. 3:17, KJV.

Fret not thyself, the stone has already been rolled away. The same way the stone
was rolled away for Lazarus, Christ has cleared the way for you to live again. This
biblical story serves the purpose of stretching our faith and resurrecting our spirit
to be who Christ has ordained for us to be. However, it is according to your faith.
Do you believe that you can get up again? Can your dry bones live again? The
answer is yes. You already know that there is nothing to hard for our God. The
scripture said without vision, the people perish. God is the same yesterday, today
and tomorrow; therefore, it is up to us to rise up by faith and not perish.
Christ had to call Lazarus’ name for him to come forth. Otherwise, His authority
would have resurrected every grave! I say that so that you will know the length,
depth, and height of His power. But it is according to your faith to believe that He
has raised you from the dead and has given you new life. He also gives us gifts,
talents, and ability to live in Him. Your life is a testament of His grace and a
blessing. So, you need to get up and live.

In this 2024 Resurrection season, what will you
believe God for? Most focus on fasting from this
and that, but how does this exercise your faith
and your desire to be pleasing in His sight! Christ
was the ultimate sacrifice and we are atoned in it.
What He truly desires from us is to believe and
live in Him. Our life should reflect a “living
sacrifice,” for others to bear witness to the greatness of our God! He rolled the
stone away so that it would not hinder us from coming out of the grave. He rolled
the stone away to remove anything from blocking our belief in Christ and the
renewing of life. He rolled the stone away so others would know that it was Him
and Him alone. He is the only one that has the power to remove the stones out of
our life and to make us the head and not the tail.

What are you willing to offer unto God for all of His mercy? He wants your heart
not your habit. He wants us to release His love so we can pour it into others, that
they might be saved. He wants us to continually confess our sin, that He might
forgive and cleanse us from the habit of sinning. He wants us to share His
goodness with those that don’t know Him, maybe, never met Him; but has a
chance to meet Him through you.
The stone is not your issue, it might be your faith!

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