The Stuck Syndrome

Are you feeling
stuck? Do you
keep doing the
same thing,
over and over;
and expecting different results?
Society calls this behavior insanity. As
creatures of habits, we repeat the
same patterns regardless if they are
helping us to reach our goals or not.
Being stuck is unproductive,
unfulfilling, and undecisive! Join our
circle on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024,
from 11:00 – 1:00, on Zoom, for The
Stuck Syndrome workshop.
Stuck is a war that happens on the
inside! We have a tendency of
blaming others for where we are, but
others are not in responsible for how
we respond to life challenges! Being
stuck means, something has
happened to throw us off course. It
has driven us into a redundancy and
we are no longer in control of our
thoughts or action. Is this where you
are? Have you lost sight of your
direction, passion, or creative ability?

Are you wallowing in a comfort zone
that feels like quicksand?

These symptoms are an indication
that you are in a “Stuck Syndrome,”
and we are here to help you move
from where you are, to where you are
supposed to be! We want to help you
recognize what caused you to be
stuck, organize your plan of action,
and energize you to take the
necessary steps to move you out of
the pit of being stuck! Jesus says, “I
came that you might have life and
have it more abundantly, John
10:10b.” We are not called to live in a
stuck state; we are called out of
darkness, into the marvelous light.

Come and join this circle of people
that are doing the work to take
authority over being stuck and are
moving forward to our next. We will
no longer be repeating the
unproductive behavioral patterns that
have handcuffed us to our pain and
past! We will begin to see clearly and
produce a changed mindset. A
changed life changes lives. Reserve
your seat now at:

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