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Overseer Regina Carr

Welcome everyone….

You are invited to the first LIVE Broadcast of the “The Table Talk Show,” on Monday, December 18th, 2023, on Facebook. On this show we will have the opportunity to discuss various topics and social media activities; and how they impact our individual lives! I must confess that there are movies that have catapulted my thinking and have altered my actions.

Think about it for a moment. There are songs, books, T.V. shows and movies, that trigger different emotions and drive us to change. Oprah says, “Books were my path to freedom!” Although I love reading books, movies are my primary vehicle to traveling to different worlds, having different experiences, and ideas.  However, I have also learned that most stories written, whether in book, song, or movie, have an internal message and/or lesson for all of us to learn and grow.

On Christmas day, the movie “The Color Purple,” will return.  It amazes me that Alice Walker’s 1982 novel has survived in our mind for 41 years! It was a hit as a book; evolved into a movie; resurrected as a musical; and

Coach Regina Ravenell-Carr

is being re-birthed as a star-studded movie! I definitely plan to see it

with my family on Christmas and I hope you will too!

Therefore, I cannot resist the urge to follow my passion. My first “Table Talk Show,” we will discuss the layers of relationships, the racial conflict, the degree of abuse, the social stigmas, and the spirit of reconciliation.  I have gathered a few of my verbal and opinionated family and friends to the Table. I believe it will be a stimulated Talk.

Fantasia has shared about her difficulties of playing “Cellie,” the first time versus having to be convinced to participate in the upcoming film! She said, this time they gave “Cellie,” an imagination. The first time was too close to her own life and she was not ready to face it. This time she was ready!

So, if Fantasia was impacted by playing the role, how are we being impacted? I believe there is a great to discuss in the layers of this movie, but it’s not the only one.  I am looking forward to stimulating our minds and challenging our behavioral habits.

If you do not believe that you are being impacted or subtly seduced by social media, I dare you to take a second look. We’ve already read and heard how it affects teenagers, and their images of themselves. How it produces a false sense of reality as adults, and ignites the alter ego of many.  If we are not paying attention to these subtleties, we will be swept away by them. My goal is to create a safe space, stimulate the conversion, inspire and illuminate our authentic lives that God has created for us to live! He created us to be creative, not robotic, desensitized, unimaginative or unproductive. I am also looking to bring a greater balance to our ID (which seeks pleasure), our super-ego (that tries to uphold our highest values), and the ego (has to deal with both to find a way to operate in reality).

Join us quarterly for “The Table Talk Show!”  If there are topics you would to be discussed please contact me at

Talk to y’all soon. Blessings   

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