What Does it Mean to “Do Justice”

This is the first in a series of presidential editorials that I intend to do as president of the Ministerial Alliance of North Amityville and Vicinity. So let me begin with a heart felt thank you to the members of the alliance that have honored me with the task of providing leadership to this organization. Like so many of you I find myself busy with any number of assignments and there are times when my plate feels like a platter as it relates to my schedule. But for me, the opportunity to serve this organization is much more than just something else to do. MANA has been apart of my life since I was a teenager. I vividly remember the day my father, Dr. Andy C. “Daddy” Lewter came home and told my mother that something had to be done because he was tired of losing the lives of the young people in our community to the ravages of drugs and violence that had taken hold of North Amityville. I remember too each year in January when he would visit local churches and politicians urging them to attend the annual Martin Luther King worship service to keep the memory of the dreamer alive. So for me, the opportunity to serve as the president of the organization that my father founded over forty years ago is both a treat and an honor.

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