Life Coaching is What Life Coach Does

Life brings many challenges. It has the ability of causing us to be distracted and thrown off course.  It can make you feel like your drowning, and losing your self-worth. What Life Coach does is to offer the opportunity to take your life from good, to great! Our goal is to take you from where you are, to where God has ordained for you to be!

Christian Life Coaching is designed to see you and your potential through the Word of God.  Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the thoughts I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. His thoughts are the same as His plans for you. The main purpose of a Life Coach is to improve performance.  We believe God has a plan for each of us; therefore, we seek after the plan, purpose, and potential that has been deposited in you.  We observe your strengths and weaknesses to extract your best you! We help to clear your view of what God has in store.  We also assess your gifts, talents, and ability to impact the world.  Our secondary goal is to help you determine what your God has established for you.  Coaching is a way of leading, thinking, and being, to build your confidence in your spiritual-self. Through this process, you will be awakened and inspired to be productive in your spiritual assignment. To get the best out of you, we believe the best is in you.

A sports coach assist athletes in developing to their full potential. They analyze their performances, give instructions to build relevant skills; and they encourage, equip, and empower the athlete to excel and win!

Here are some of the tools we use to execute our plan:

Recognize – we want you to see that you will not drown, because the water is only three feet deep.  We encourage you to recognize who you are, and that standing up in Christ, assures that you will live. You are who God says that you are, and He has not changed His mind about you or your purpose. We are here to connect the dots of your past, to the strings of your spiritual journey. You will recognize that your assignment is God-appointed, not People or Self-appointed.

Organize – once you can recognize who you are created to be and your divine purpose, we help you to create a plan to execute your spiritual assignment. We know that self-defeating thoughts begin to emerge and you will focus on your weaknesses. But, we will drive your passion beyond your weaknesses.  You will no longer be crippled by your thoughts because your plan to be productive will override the negativity. You are more than a conqueror. Creating a plan promotes the probability of your vision coming to pass.

Energize – to energize means to stimulate and ignite the fire and passion for who you have been created to be. You are like a tree planted by the rivers of water. We will help you to take action, change your perspective, and have accountability. Jesus had a plan during His mission; He never let anyone or anything distract Him from the assignment.

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