The 2023 International Leadership Conference

DALLAS, TX - JUNE 30: Bishop T.D. Jakes presents Cicely Tyson with the Legends Award during MegaFest's International Faith & Family Film Festival at Omni Hotel on June 30, 2017 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for MegaFest 2017)

Bishop T.D. Jakes and his ministerial team did an outstanding job
once again at the 2023 International Leadership Conference (ILS), in
Orlando, Florida. There were thousands of people in attendance and
there was a great diversity. People came from everywhere to be
under the same roof, to hear the Bishop, and get tools to enhance our
lives, ministry, and businesses. Bishop Jakes is motivated to close
the gap between the Ministry and the Market place. He is attempting
to open the doors for both sides to allow each side of the spectrum access to the other side.
Innovatively, the team introduce a new concept for ILS goers. We were given the opportunity to
participate in the “Good Soil Movement.” This movement is geared to small businesses and
entrepreneurs, to help us move from a hustle to a harvest. The slang-term of hustle means to
work energetically to gain income, usually without a solid business plan. Often, it is a vicious
cycle and not growth producing. The goal is to encourage us to build a business, rather than a
hustle, in order to have impact, growth, and scale.
Some of the special guests were: KEM, the artist; Hill Harper, who hosted the panel discussion
amongst various CEOs; Bishop Jakes, and more. The topics ranged from proven operational
strategies to attracting meaningful investment through networking. Any
entrepreneurs can take advantage of this Good Soil Movement by
downloading the app, Good Soil.
One of the affirmations was: I am good soil; I am not just inspirational but
I am also transformational! We were reminded to BE all you can be! It is

not a moment; it is a movement.
Thursday opened the official gathering of the International leadership
Conference at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.
We were fascinated with a halogen of Bishop Jakes demonstrating the
advancement of technology and the media. There were various breakout
groups to capitalize our attention and gain the essential tools for growing our Ministries and
businesses, Unfortunately, the lines were extremely long, and I didn’t have the tenacity to do it.
So, I found myself in the main stage area, where there were no lines. In this session, there was a
lecture on Matthew 24:14 and the necessity of preaching the Gospel. The lecturer focused on
there being a king in the kingdom. He taught about how God established Himself as King (Ex.
19:6). God wants to lead us to prevent us from having to be delivered! The preaching of the
Gospel requires proclamation, explanation, and demonstration.
That evening we were mesmerized and blown away with Pastor Mike Jr., the 11-time Stellar
Award Gospel artist and Dove Nominated. He came in and sang something for everyone.
Although he sang his 2019 hit, “Big;” and rocked the house with,” It’s gonna be big!” he also
sang, “At the Cross,” the hymn. When he began to minister with this song, it hit different and I

was recharged! This was followed by Bishop Tudor Bismark, senior pastor of New Life
Covenant Church, in Harare, Zimbabwe. He preached, “Jericho Had No Preacher,” from Jos.
6:1-2. Jericho symbolizes the calamities that we face and salvation is necessary. He spoke about
valiant leadership means to have the courage for what you need to do. We must have courage
and faith to accomplish what God has set before us. They needed a preacher and we need to
preach to knock down the walls before us.
We observed a one-on-one conversation with Bishop Jakes and the CEO of Wells Fargo. This
relationship was birthed out of the business transaction of Wells Fargo partnering with TD Jakes
Foundation, (not the Potter’s House), that will offer housing, education, jobs, and so, in our
communities. The CEO talked about his efforts to change the internal fabric of Wells Fargo, as
well as their clientele. Bishop shared that the people that Wells Fargo should be looking for, are
right here, on the choir, usher board, and etc. They expounded on what it IS taking to change the
game and level the playing field.
Dr. Anita Phillips, trauma specialist and life coach, spoke on Lessons on Living a Powerful Life.
Her instructions were: work the system, cultivate emotional well-being; lead from the heart; and
grow your goals. One of her points is how we have to breath through our
emotional upheavals. If we allow ourselves to breath, it will pass and we will
regain our ability to make decisions; rather reacting out of emotions. That
was definitely food for thought.
Finally, I would like to share another experience that elevated my life. Bishop
Jakes and his wife, Serita, did a segment together called, “Winning at Home!”
The two shared their experiences and responses to their life challenges. They
told us about having to learn and understand each other, trust each other, and
have each other’s back. Bishop emphasized how Serita has his back and
holds everything together. He confessed that he’s all over the place, trying to
be everywhere, doing everything; while she’s the one holding in down. The
emphasis was on the fact that winning at home is more important than
winning in the workplace, business, and church. It stretched me in the
moment to trust my husband and allow him to be who he is and who God has created him to be.
It also encouraged to stay in my spiritual place and have his back, and encourage him through the
storms. I am also thankful that God gave me the wisdom to invite him to join me for this
experience. He asked me why did I want him to go? I told him, I needed him to be in the room
with me, to hear what I was hearing, so we can walk it out together!
Everyone was challenged to network. They said, “if you don’t meet at least ten people, you were
not doing your job.” Well, I probably met 10 people and bumped into people I knew. However,
we met a volunteer, in the café, that allowed us to sit at her table. I initiated a conversation that
led to a life-changing movement for all of us. We exchanged contact information and I look for
to this God-ordained journey, in Good Soil!

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